Association of Organic & Value Chain Agripreneurs

The association of organic & value chain agripreneurs is envisaged to be based on membership of organic agripreneurs ( whether certified or not), Farmer groups, cooperatives, FPOs, NGOs in agriculture, and all value chain providers who may sell to organic (or non organic) in the entire food chain. 

Vision : Making India a Global leader in Organic foods and Healthful living 


  • Enhancing capability current agripreneurs by capacity building, mentorship etc 
  • Input training of farmers / conversion to organic 
  • Supporting buyback, crop planning for effective farmgate management, financing of agriventures
  • Innovative business models, farm to home models, models with social impact 
  • Promoting consumer awareness programs to create on ground consistent demand for organic / diverse / nutrient rich foods. 
  • Policy interventions and support Govt schemes implementation 
  • Providing information from time to time to all stakeholders for better decisions 
  • Creating B2B and B2C opportunities 
  • Providing Networking and collaborative spaces 
  • Support traditional varieties and diversity for the farming sector, environment, and healthy alternatives. 
  • Equip women in the food and agriculture sector- rural and urban 
  • Value chain providers will be given a pivotal role in supporting the ecosystem  

Objectives of the Association :

  •  To support the growth of organic in India and through India, globally 
  • To build an ecosystem for small and medium agripreneurs through multiple initiatives 
  • To revive traditional foods and biosystems to benefit all stakeholders 
  • To influence policy and schemes which create higher impact on the ground wrt organic 
  • To make women a critical voice and participant in the food agribusiness segment 

Focussed areas for organic  agribusiness development

  • Agritech – application Incubation support PanchgavyaHerbs and ayurveda Desi Seeds propagation 
  • Traditional foods Food processing capability 
  • Capacity Building for agribusiness – online, offline 
  • Annual schedule : formats Webinars in agribusiness 
  • Live workshops Mentor interface Building new business models 
  • Events, tie ups 
  • Consumer Awareness programs 
  • Membership Outreach 
  • Govt schemes promotion, financing  
  • Research and analytics 
  • Fund raising, revenue streams  
  • Policy Roundtables, Reports 
  • Women Agripreneurs program