Bhumijaa at the World’s Food Supermarket IndusFood 2019

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Bhumijaa started in 2017 as a vision for creating a platform for women agripreneurs committed to natural and organic farming. Today, Ms. Gauri Sarin, the founder, is actively enlisting the participation of enlightened women and men farmers across the country and is making a special effort to spearhead the cause of the organic woman entrepreneur […]

Understanding Anemia & How to Deal With Anemia

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Rajesh Venkata Naidu is a Nature Healer and a Panchgavya Expert. Here’s his article on Anemia. Anemia is the medical term for the condition of decreased haemoglobin percentage. It means, the reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. People usually understand this condition as ‘reduced blood’. Normal Hb% : Male is 13.5 – 18 g/dL. […]