Bio Treated Seeds

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Download the book sharing knowledge on the application of microorganisms to seed, encompassing Biofertilizer inoculants, biological control agents and mycorrhizal fungi. Of these microorganisms, only rhizobial inoculants have been extensively commercialized for seed inoculation. Research papers often report use of the simplest inoculation techniques, Inoculation subjects an organism to a period of wetting – several […]

Beejom: Animal Sanctuary & Agricultural Farm

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Beejom is a small project with big ideas. It’s about community living and homesteading; kindness and compassion. It’s about making organic a way of life in thought and sustainability the key word. It’s about inclusiveness and interactions; creating knowledge banks and sharing freely. It’s about all the many stories of the beautiful journey to sustainable living. This planet needs this now more than ever.