Beejom: Animal Sanctuary & Agricultural Farm

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Beejom is a small project with big ideas. It’s about community living and homesteading; kindness and compassion. It’s about making organic a way of life in thought and sustainability the key word. It’s about inclusiveness and interactions; creating knowledge banks and sharing freely. It’s about all the many stories of the beautiful journey to sustainable living. This planet needs this now more than ever.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Ayurveda has a strong belief that the in utero period lays out a long-lasting foundation for one’s entire life. Thus, it is of great importance that the mother nourishes herself, as well as the baby-to-be during this stage of life. According to Ayurveda, everything the woman feels and does during pregnancy will have an effect […]

Women in agriculture in India

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Agriculture is the backbone of our country! While we have the Government interventions, some success stories on helping women in agriculture and the ground level field realities, it’s time to take a look at the women in agriculture in India. Agriculture still plays the major role even though the tertiary and secondary sector are having […]

Challenges of Women Empowerment in Agriculture

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While the Government is bringing schemes for the women in agriculture and there are success stories here and there, there’s miles to go. Gauri Sarin, Founder, SAAHAS went to villages across India to find out. Here’s Gauri Sarin in her own words: The most poignant questions like any public policy piece will have, the same […]

Successful Examples of Implementation of Government Schemes for Women

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We listed out the schemes by the Government and Corporates targeted for upliftment of women in agriculture earlier in this post. In the following examples, they are the success stories of the Government schemes: Implementation of MKSP by Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project has enabled women farmers in Bihar to procure seeds, food grains, and have […]

What is the Government Doing for Women in Agriculture?

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Here are the steps being taken by the government / civil societies/ NGOs for upliftment of the women in agricultural sector. We’ll cover the implementation of these schemes in another post. Government sponsored schemes Support to States Extension Programme for Extension Reforms: –  Gender concerns in agriculture is being addressed by ensuring utilization of minimum […]