Bhumijaa is on a journey towards creating a healthy food movement.. Here’s what we do:

For Farmers

We have designed Bhumijaa Agripreneurship Program to train Farmers. We connect them to agripreneurs and consumers.

For Agripreneurs

We are building an association of organic & value chain agripreneurs. We develop Bhumjaa Xchange which is a buy-sell info platform for farmers and agripreneurs.

For the Government

We work with the Government on policy formulation, bringing awareness and conducting research ground realities of farmers.

For Consumers

We build and develop Resources on wellness, traditional food and processes, etc. We bring Bhumijaa Health Program on #LivingWithoutMedicine and how to be a smart & healthy consumer.

We are on a journey to empower and enrich the agripreneurs across the country. Read more about us, about our team and join us in this journey. Welcome aboard!