Healthy Food Program for Smart Consumers

Bhumijaa has designed a #LivingWithoutMedicine program where we’ll conduct an interactive workshop on How to be a Smart & Healthy Consumer. The workshop would be conducted by a select panel of Farmers and Nutritionists.


  • Create a movement towards increasing the consumption of traditional, high nutrition-value food.
  • Increase the consumer base for organic/naturally grown food that is native, locally sourced, and supports the bio diversity of traditional systems.

The central theme of the traditional and healthy food program is to build awareness about the nutritional value of foods we ate traditionally, including grains ( for example, red rice and hand pounded rice, etc instead of white basmati ), vegetables; reveal the scientific basis of traditional diets, and understand the medicinal properties of certain foods in treating or managing lifestyle diseases; and identify relevant diet plans.

Some of the products and services offered under this program will include helping promote:

– Information and knowledge exchange on traditional recipes

– Recipes with superfoods

-Ayurvedic and traditional cooking programs

-Vertical and home gardening programs

-Kits for organic farming

-Urban farming workshops and services

-Nutrition and diet programs, including special diets for children, pregnant women, and sports persons .

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