State Visits to Chattisgarh

Gauri Sarin visited Chattisgarh to understand the ground realities. Here's her report:

Thoughts on my visit to Chattisgarh
  1. I visited the Agriculture Institute in Raipur and met several agripreneurs who are playing a marvellous role in agriculture in Chattisgarh.
  2. While there were a lot of challenges, there were some positives. Women entrepreneurs like Namrataji, the “Mushroom Queen”, Shaliniji who is converting forest produce into marketable medicines and many others.
  3. It was disheartening to see that the 30,000 varieties of rice that Chattisgarh has are slowly disappearing. Maintaining this rich variety and marketing them needs to be done.
  4. The government policies while being supportive have resulted in the farmer being disengaged from further growth of the ecosystem; alcoholism is rampant and the huge amount of subsidies are not helping the agriculture sector. Chattisgarh’spotential as India’s rice bowl remains untapped.
  5. I stayed in a village near Bilaspur and did the Art of Living natural farming course.

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