What We Do

The model of Bhumijaa will be following a 5- pronged integrated model to achieve its objectives:

  • Roll Out of Bhumijaa Agrepreneurship Program (BAP).
  • Creation of Bhumijaa Market Solutions (BMS)
  • An Agrepreneurship development program
  • Central and regional hubs
  • A healthy food choices program
  • Healthy food & nutrition campaigns
  • An apex agripreneurs business association

This unique integrated approach plans to train and equip an Agripreneur from ideation to implementation stage to successfully run her venture and simultaneously connect her to a growing market place, in which Bhumijaa will play a major role of activation and will foster collaborative networks and get the key partners of the value chain together to help realize the huge potential for expanding agro-business and building efficient value chains from producers to urban areas in ways that benefit the small farmers (including women and youth).

Bhumijaa aims to develop 10000 agripreneurs by 2021. These in turn will create ripple effects in entrepreneurship in agriculture nationally, boosting sustainable agriculture practices, enhanced rural incomes, and healthier citizens.

Through promoting and enhancing entrepreneurship in agriculture and agriculture-related areas, Bhumijaa encourages sustainable methods of producing, marketing, and consuming cereals,lentils, vegetables and fruit and other natural food that will enhance India’snutritional base.

Moving women farmers and agripreneurs who are involved directly or indirectly with traditional and natural foods efficiently up the value chain will help mitigate rural agrarian distress.

The Bhumijaa mission involves-

  • Promoting agriculture-based ventures that are focused on women and organic food that link
  • Production and Marketing
  • Capacity building in self-leadership, Agripreneurship and natural farming
  • Promoting traditional food and food systems
  • Mentoring of agripreneurs and farmer producer organizations
  • Influencing government policy (advocacy)