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Bhumijaa’s Agribiz Webinars

Bhumijaa’s webinars are a professional development program for agripreneurs. Bhumijaa’s webinars are high quality and high impact sessions on one focused topic of interest/relevance to agripreneurs.

Bhumijaa will bring to you the best of the experts from both within and outside the industry as speakers and the most useful of the content which you can immediately implement in your practices. 

Each of the webinars session will be designed to help you learn something new and inspire you to keep growing. Here’s a prospective list of webinars:

Sl. Topic of Webinar Sl. Topic of Webinar
1. How to get Organic certifications? / PGS,NPOP, NOP 11. Logistics management- Cold storage, cold chain, transportation, distribution
2. Methods of chemical free farming : learning Natural farming  12. Tapping Food processing opportunities 
3. Seed Conservation: Revival and Resources 13. Potential for herbs marketing
4. Extensions of Agriculture: Organic food tourism, catering, cafes  14. Food Exports – how and where 
5. Mushroom Farming 15. Building a food brand & market strategy 
6. Bee keeping session 16. Farm2Fork Model
7. Business of superfoods 17. Creating FPOs which last
8. How to use Bhumijaa networks and Xchange optimally  18. Availing Government Schemes & Financing
9. Elements of Agribusiness  19. Collaborating, Negotiating Skills for Agripreneurs
10. Packaging alternatives  20. Consumer Insights & Innovation

We will announce the speaker, topic, the dates, fees and registration assistance details soon.

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