Food that Heals: Siridhanyalu (Millets)

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The small millets that bestow real richness – health & wealth! Methods of healing modern lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Obesity, Arthritis, Anaemia and 14 types of Cancers) through DESI FOOD This is a download of the translated talks of Dr. Khadar Vali, Phd, the renowned Independent Scientist Expert On Health & Food Father […]

Training Resource Material for Organic Farming

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Material in English Biofertilizer and Organic Farming in FCO Certification and Inspection manual Organic Agriculture Production Technology of Organic Inputs Waste Decomposer (A way of Farmers Doubling Income) Organic Manures Potash Mobilizing Biocontrol Bio Treated Seeds Waste Decomposer – English Pamphlet Waste Decomposer – Regional Language Videos Innovative Research in Organic 3.0, Volume-I (Organic World […]

Bio Treated Seeds

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Download the book sharing knowledge on the application of microorganisms to seed, encompassing Biofertilizer inoculants, biological control agents and mycorrhizal fungi. Of these microorganisms, only rhizobial inoculants have been extensively commercialized for seed inoculation. Research papers often report use of the simplest inoculation techniques, Inoculation subjects an organism to a period of wetting – several […]