Bio Treated Seeds

Download the book sharing knowledge on the application of microorganisms to seed, encompassing Biofertilizer inoculants, biological control agents and mycorrhizal fungi. Of these microorganisms, only rhizobial inoculants have been extensively commercialized for seed inoculation.

Research papers often report use of the simplest inoculation techniques, Inoculation subjects an organism to a period of wetting – several hours for pelleting, during which the microbes lie in a water-saturated environment – followed by patios of rapid drying and storage. Such as wetting seed just before sowing, which are not always suitable in commercial practice. Application to seeds and their subsequent storage, and also efficacy after placement of seeds in soil. An attempt has been made to draw not only upon scientific literature, but also practerial experience, which contains much of the current expertise.

The Biofertilizer are microbial inoculants, which contain live cells of efficient nitrogen fixing microorganisms, which fix atmospheric nitrogen either symbiotically with host plant or free livingly, Phosphate Solubilizing/Mobilizing Microorganisms as well as potassium mobilizers. These Biofertilizer are available in markets in carrier based as well as liquid base. Biofertilizer are inexpensive and eco-friendly.

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