Bhumijaa at the World’s Food Supermarket IndusFood 2019

Bhumijaa started in 2017 as a vision for creating a platform for women agripreneurs committed to natural and organic farming. Today, Ms. Gauri Sarin, the founder, is actively enlisting the participation of enlightened women and men farmers across the country and is making a special effort to spearhead the cause of the organic woman entrepreneur in the agri sector.

The participation of Bhumijaa and some of it members in the prestigious IndusExpo 2019, to be held in Greater Noida is yet another way in which Bhumijaa is forwarding the cause of clean and green food. Ms. Sarin has been actively involved in community service projects in the past and brings her rich experience and wide networks to this cause. As is well documented, helping women become self-reliant accrues to the betterment of the entire family and the community at large. It is this dream that fuels Bhumijaa in its mission to heal the earth and its inhabitants in a manner that is enduring and sustainable.

Here are the stories of some of its members and participants in the prestigious IndusFood 2019, as part of the emerging brands category, organized by the Trade Promotion Council of India. Most have a common vein running through of a long search fuelled by a deep desire to find a solution for a lifestyle in harmony with nature and its different avatars.

Aparna Rajagopal

Aparna Rajagopal founded Beejom in 2014. Trained to be a lawyer, she worked with animal rescue and pursued classical music until she became an accidental farmer. This she believes is her true calling.

Ekta Jaju

ONganic Foods, co-founded by Ekta Jaju, aims to increase profitability from agriculture for small holders through a holistic and integrated approach, by creating a platform where multiple interventions can converge.

Garima Jain

The founder of Organic Soul, Garima has always been interested in food and nutrition. Herbal traditions and remedies have long been her area of interest and a deeply satisfying passion. This has inspired her to create a range of natural and organic blends of herbal and spice teas, tisanes and infusions that are meant for various specific objectives from different wake-me-ups, to after meal blends and zestful citrus blends for an afternoon repast as well as after-dinner and sleep-tight tisanes. Her latest is a series of saffron blends that offer the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of this precious herb in a wholly natural manner.  

Kaanchan Bugga

A post graduate in Physiology, a practising specialist in branding and communications, Kaanchan comes from a family that were traditionally land-owners and cultivators while also being professionals such as teachers and lawyers, as well as entrepreneurs: Her great grandfather ran oil mills in Akola, Maharashtra. Family stories of agricultural life and its simple joys have always fascinated her. Nutrition, the culinary arts and the healing aspect of food have been a special area of interest while juggling the roles of mother, homemaker, and committed professional. In a return to her roots, Kaanchan has been working with small farmers (she is one herself) to offer a sustainable marketing and distribution channel for their produce.

Pallavi Sinha

Adya Organics is the brainchild of incumbent Rajya Sabha MP and Chairman of the SIS Group Enterprises, Mr. R.K. Sinha. While a businessman by profession, he has always sustained a keen interest in all things agricultural and has stayed invested in the agricultural industry. In a world filled with adulteration and unhealthy products, his mission is to create a healthier future.

Inspired by this school of thought, his daughter-in-law, Pallavi Sinha, has worked closely with him and assisted Mr. Sinha in his dream of taking this family run business forward. While she has chosen to be a homemaker and stay-at-home mother for the most part, Pallavi’s background in marketing and hospitality has ensured she is majorly involved in overseeing and modernizing the  operations as well as supervising the marketing of Adya Organics.

Purabi Sarkar

Purabi Sarkar holds impressive credentials in her field of work – a Masters degree in Computer Science, an MBA from IIM K and more than 8 years of experience with organisations such as PWC, GE ,TCS among others. She specialises in strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship skills, techniques of alternative livelihoods and other methodologies.

Currently Purabi is also pursuing consulting with the State Administration of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand to help in the handholding of different self help groups, establishing a value chain for their products, creating market linkages, conducting market research, MSP validation, quality control and thereby help in generating sustainable livelihoods in various remote villages. She is also trying to help in ecotourism and sustainable development via village homestays, reviving ancient heritage and traditions.

Rakhee Chowdhary

“My introduction to growing my own food started long ago when I was a child. My father has been my role model. He started his entrepreneurial journey just at the age of 17 years. I quit my corporate job as I had this strong urge to do something different.

Renuka Mann

My Journey started in 1997, my father in law fell critically sick, and had to be moved to Delhi. The onus of farming fell on me.! Being novice in the field had to learn Hands on. Initially just followed instructions too n fro.

The turnaround came in 2000. We had sown Kabuli and Kala channa as an experiment to see if we could grow it. Our area is only wheat and paddy.  At the time of fruiting, little caterpillar-like creatures came to enjoy the fruit. As was the norm, insecticide was sprayed. We started with 4 acres. Today, we have 9 acres under Mann Bagh.

Seema Gulati

Elle farms is a new women-led startup company, founded by Mrs. Seema Gulati, focusing on biotechnology, mushrooms, chemical-free production of vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

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